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can’t get you out of my head 널 원해。


1. Name: Wayverly (or Wayve, in short)
2. Age: 14
3. Location: Philippines
4. Favourite Bands: Keane, The Killers, Metric, Interpol, Oasis, Franz Ferdinand, Coldplay, DCFC, Muse
5. Favourite Solo Artists: Bjork, Feist, Kate Nash, KT Tunstall & Lily Allen
6. Favourite Albums: Under The Iron Sea & Hopes & Fears - Keane, X & Y & Parachutes - Coldplay, Sawdust - The Killers, Plans - DCFC, Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? - Metric
7. Favourite Films: 27 Dresses, HP and a few more.
8. Best Gig You've Been To: haven't been to any, to be honest.
9. Favourite Songs: Is It Any Wonder by Keane, Police and the Private by Metric, Evil by Interpol, Do You Want To by Franz Ferdinand, The Scientist by Coldplay and many more.
10. Favourite Book: As long as they're by Meg Cabot.
11. Who do you think is the most talented/genius/innovative person in music and why?: I must say, it would be Tim Rice-Oxley (Keane Pianist + Composer). Because, he creates music that speak more than just lyrics. It shows each of the member's feelings towards each other, to the current problems of our world & etc.
12. Which "alternative" band/artist do you really dislike and why?: It really isn't alternative. But, I would have to say, Something Corporate. After hearing one of their songs, I basically disliked them.
13. Who Can You Not Stop Listening To At The Minute?: Both Keane & KT Tunstall
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