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stay_indie: Don't Be A Hater

Keeping the Indie Dream Alive

Stay Indie... Don't Be A Hater.
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This is a community dedicated to music, where people can tell everyone about the new band they're in love with, post reviews of albums and gigs or let people know about dates when bands are doing sessions on the radio and just general stuff like that.

The Rules

These are easy enough, just read and follow.

1/ Tolerence is always good; just because a person likes The White Stripes and you happen to think Jack White is a knob, thats no reason to start slagging their music taste off, HOWEVER you can be as mean as you like to emo-kids and fans of Busted, McFly or the eternally evil Maroon 5.

2/ This isn't a rating community and anyone can join but if you can post the Introduction (see below)as your first post, it will be greatly appreciated, you know just so we know what we are dealing with.

3/ Long posts and pictures should be put under a LJ cut, because it's your friends page I'm thinking about here... The name of your LJ cut should also say what is in that link, its just easier that way.

4/ No camara whores, we don't care what you look like, this community isn't about looks its about music and just generally making our geeky music-obsessed selves feel superior to everyone else because we own the albums of bands most people haven't heard of.

5/ Only promote relevent communities, and make sure its under a LJ cut, and only one promo a day, any posts that go against this will just be deleted.

6/ When talking about a band try and include a website or label, just to make it easier for people to track down.

7/ Please try to make a post as soon as you join, even if it's just to say Hi, actually, especially if it's just to say Hi, Random greetings are far too under-rated...

8/ Feel free to post any reviews you have written about albums or post pictures from gigs you have been to. General questions about peoples' opinions on certain bands/albums/songs are also very wecome.

Your Mods- enemies_friends & absolutment

Although this is NOT a rating community, If you want to fill in this introduction questionaire, just so everyone knows what you're into then it will be greatly appreciated!!!


List as many favourites as you want :) And all questions are optional.
Put Introduction in the Subject heading.

<(delete this)lj-cut text= "Random Song Lyric/Ironic Comment">

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Location:
4. Favourite Bands
5. Favourite Solo Artists
6. Favourite Albums
7. Favourite Films
8. Best Gig You've Been To
9. Favourite Songs
10. Favourite Book
11. Who do you think is the most talented/genius/innovative person in music and why?
12. Which "alternative" band/artist do you really dislike and why?
13. Who Can You Not Stop Listening To At The Minute?

<(delete this)/lj-cut>

Background Band

The Boy Least Likely To

!!!, 22-20's, a silver mt. zion, ambulence ltd, babyshambles, beastie boys, beck, belle and sebastian, ben christophers, beta band, biffy clyro, bjork, bloc party, blur, bright eyes, broken social scene, chikinki, coldplay, cursive, damien rice, david bowie, deathcab for cutie, desaparecidos, devendra banhart, dirty perfect, dizzee rascal, ed harcourt, elliot smith, franz ferdinand, godspeed you! black emperor, graham coxon, gruff rhys, hope of the states, hot hot heat, idlewild, interpol, jeff buckley, jesus and mary chain, joy division, kaiser chiefs, kasabian, kill kenada, kings of leon, lamb, lcd soundsystem, le tigre, lemon jelly, louis xiv, manic street preachers, martin grech, metric, moby, modest mouse, mogwai, muse, my bloody valentine, mystery jets, new order, nick drake, oasis, ok go, outkast, pj harvey, pulp, q and not u, radiohead, rem, rilo kiley, secret machines, sigur ros, son ambulance, sons and daughters, special needs, super furry animals, supergrass, test icicles, the arcade fire, the beatles, the bees, the boyfriends, the bravery, the caves, the clash, the cooper temple clause, the coral, the cure, the dead 60's, the dears, the delays, the dismemberment plan, the dresden dolls, the faint, the flaming lips, the futureheads, the go! team, the killers, the kinks, the libertines, the magic numbers, the new pornographers, the ordinary boys, the others, the rapture, the ravonettes, the smashing pumpkins, the smiths, the stills, the streets, the strokes, the thrills, the unicorns, the velvet underground, the walkmen, the white stripes, the zutons, ths shins, tim buckley, tom mcrae, tom vek, we are scientists, wolf eyes, xiu xiu, yann tiersen, yeah yeah yeahs, yourcodenameis:milo